Our Work

From waste to function.


We design and make objects tailored for the specific needs of a client or space. They can be functional, purely expressive or a mix of the two. We use biowaste to create accessories, lighting, furniture as well as sculptures.


Visual Panels

We use different types of biowaste to create contrasting material panels that can be used as a means of visual communication. Using this technique we create expressive artworks, informative signs, branding materials and wall panels. The possibilities are endless and we are excited to hear what you have in mind! One of the things that we are looking forward to making is a multicoloured wall mural.



We use our materials to create bespoke tiles for expressive wall designs. The tiles can also be used to create block and sheet materials, for example to be used as shelves or table tops.

Vine is a triangular tiling concept, designed by Hook Phantasuporn of Mandin and manufactured by Caracara from orange peel. The simple tile can be tessellated to create endless possibilities of patterns.


Art installations

We create temporary and permanent installations for spaces, events and festivals. Rebirth (aka the Egg) is a project by Mandin, a collective which Aleksi co-founded with design friends while he was living in London. In July 2018, the Mandin crew returned to Noisily Festival of Music and Arts in the woods of English Midlands and created a permanent sculpture from reclaimed pallet wood. Caracara will pursue similar projects that focus on creating immersive spaces from recycled and bio-based materials.


Grown Structures

This experimental structure was created by growing oyster mushroom mycelium on cardboard waste that was collected around London. The structure was grown over 3 weeks in a greenhouse which provided the required light, temperature, humidity and oxygen levels for the growth of the material. The gourmet mushrooms that pop out from the structure suggest how in the future our spatial surroundings could also be our source of food.

The project was exhibited as part of London Festival of Architecture at the OXO Tower’s Bargehouse in London, June 2017.

Check out the project at Dezeen and Treehugger.


Check out our newest project:

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“The Living Man”

redefining the relation between human beings and nature