Your waste is our gold.

We collect a range of biowaste from companies and turn it into eco-friendly materials for art and design. By doing this, we create a closed loop system between a company’s waste management and our very own material production. We strive to promote circular economy and use local waste streams to create tangible outcomes for local clients. This way our service aims to step away from contributing to the harmful environmental impacts caused by irresponsible use of natural resources and international shipping. 

Our materials are strictly organic and biodegradable with no harmful additives. This means that after their useful life they can be disposed of responsibly and stress-free. For example they can be broken down to make excellent fertilizers or recycled to make new products.



Due to the widespread consumption of orange juice, orange peel is our main ingredient. Around 16 million tons of orange peel is produced every year from the juice industry. Held together with a 100% organic binder, our orange peel material can be formed into sheets, blocks and more intricate shapes to suit many functions.

Scroll down to our colours and finishes to see what other peels and biowaste we work with, depending on the available waste streams.



It is claimed that fungi were the first organisms to live on dry land over 400 million years ago, and they may well be one of the answers to our environmental crisis.

Mycelium is the root network of mushrooms. We combine various strains of mycelium with a range of paper, textile and agricultural waste. Over a couple of weeks the mycelium will consume the waste, producing solid, biodegradable and zero-waste materials. This enables us to grow our resources instead of depleting them.

Our mycelium materials offer sustainable alternatives to harmful petrol-based materials. It is strong, buoyant and has superior insulation and fire-resistance properties. Its versatility makes it ideal to be used as insulation, packaging and structural purposes. On top of everything else, it can produce delicious mushrooms for food.

Check out the BBC’s attempt to burn one of the samples we grew together with Biohm. It was impossible because the material is self-extinguishing!

Plant matter

Some of the plant waste that we use to grow our mycelium materials we also turn into its own material. Organic matter such as pine needles, reed, leaves and twigs create a beautiful range of brown and green materials.

Colours and finishes

Our orange peel material comes in three tones of brown, while our mycelium products are white. The surface on each mycelium material is unique depending on what type of organic waste was used to grow the material. We can also add textures, patterns or imagery as a customised surface finish to our products.

Check out the colour palette of our bio-based materials. Please note that it makes mores sense to produce some materials, and therefore colours, in regions where the relevant type of waste is produced. We like to make an adventure out of our work and produce our materials according to where we are and what waste is available!


We are continuously collecting fruit peels, shredded paper, plant trimmings and sawdust, but we are always open to explore new materials. Our current waste providers are K-Market, Rupla and Kukka Kollektiivi. Drop us a message if you’d like to become a new supplier.