The Living Man

Art installation, chill-out space and urban garden.


The work is a living piece of architecture, a portrait and an urban garden. The 3.5 metre high human face consists of geometric panels made of orange peel, mycelium and plywood, laid over a framework made of reclaimed wood. The figure’s mouth serves as an opening to a little chill-out garden. The inside and surroundings of the figure are graced with the presence of vegetables and flowers, which are grown for us by Ahlberg garden.

The work highlights the harmonious connection between man, nature and the built environment that we need in order for our planet to thrive. When we see ourselves as part of a large sensitive system and see nature as our home, our family and our teacher, we gain a more holistic view of our lifestyles and can act towards positive environmental change. With our work we also aim to inspire people to favour organic materials, see ‘waste’ in a new way and support the bio-based movement!


The Story of the Installation

Step 1: The idea is born.

Step 2: Cool what you can make out of a stack of foam offcuts, isn’t it?

Step 3: Making a second 1:6 cardboard model to get a better idea of the triangle geometry.


Step 4: Another 1:6 model lasercut from MDF to refine the geometry and experiment with joinery of the panels.

IMG_5076 (1).JPG

Step 5: The waste containers around Helsinki’s construction sites had a lot of plywood offcuts that were useful for our 1:2 model.


Check out events to see where the Living Man will be at.